RESEARCH NOTE | The On-Campus Student Employee Experience

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The positive impacts of student employees to our campus offices and departments are clear. They perform essential duties that allow the institution to function on a day-to-day basis. But, these employment opportunities also help our students to build valuable professional skills to support their post-graduation plans while providing them with a source of income while in school. Student employment programs are obligated to provide a safe and productive work environment to student employees in order to maximize their learning potential as well as their contributions to the institution.

This research note details findings from a national dataset constructed from the 2017-2018 Benchworks Student Employee Survey of over 1,000 student employees from 12 colleges and universities in the United States. In particular, this research notes details demographics of student employees, explores overall perceptions of the experience, and details concepts that have the strongest statistical relationships with overall perceptions of the experience.

Key Questions:

  1. Who are our student employees?
  2. How do student employees rate their overall experience?
  3. Which satisfaction factors have the strongest relationship with overall program effectiveness?
  4. Which learning factors have the strongest relationship with overall program effectiveness