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The first week of classes for too many semesters to count, I asked my students to submit one nutrition or diet related question via our LMS that they'...
by Author Author in Nutrition Blog 01-12-2024
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Happy, healthy 2024!! What are the food trends for 2024? The predictions from industry, chefs, and nutritional professionals vary, but there seem to b...
by Author Author in Nutrition Blog 01-01-2024
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What are the traditional foods or recipes you and your family enjoy this season each year - and just wouldn't be the holidays without? As I am sure is...
by Author Author in Nutrition Blog 12-21-2023
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Are we really in the final days of the semester? Students and faculty alike are checking their "to do" lists for final projects and exams. It's easy t...
by Author Author in Nutrition Blog 12-01-2023
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My college freshman daughter bemoaned returning to campus after Thanksgiving break to wrap up her last week of classes and prepare for exams. She is n...
by Author Author in Nutrition Blog 11-27-2023
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