Gauge Your Students' Confidence in iClicker Polling Responses

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iClicker’s new Confidence Rating feature encourages students to reflect on their learning in class and provides instructors additional real-time insight into student understanding. Here’s how it works and some best practices for using it!



Turn on the Confidence setting from the More button of your toolbar anytime during an active class session, before running a poll in which you wish to gauge student confidence. Keep in mind the following tips: 

  • You can’t turn Confidence on after starting a Polling question (you also can’t turn it on outside of an active class session)
  • Once you turn Confidence on, it stays on for the rest of the class session, until you return to the More menu and turn it off. If you’re familiar with Anonymous mode, Confidence Rating functions in the same way
  • To avoid student burnout with Confidence Rating, we recommend asking Confidence Ratings strategically rather than including with every single polling question 
  • After you stop the Polling question, students receive a five-second grace period  to finish submitting their Confidence Rating. During this time, students can’t answer or change their response to the poll question itself, and you can’t grade students’ responses using the Results chart
  • Students’ individual confidence ratings are anonymized, but you can view aggregate confidence ratings using the Results chart in class
  • You can also view aggregate confidence ratings using the Class History section of the iClicker Cloud instructor website after class. If you ask multiple questions with Confidence Rating enabled, you’ll see which question in the class session had the highest Confidence Rating and which had the lowest



Students can rate their confidence in their Polling responses: Very confident, Confident, Somewhat confident, Not confident

  • Students won’t see Confidence Rating until after they have responded to the Polling question
  • After you stop the Polling question, students have a five-second grace period to finish submitting their Confidence Rating


Software updates to support Confidence Rating 


Cloud 5.2.1 was released to support Confidence Rating. This is an optional update, but you must update your desktop software if you plan to use Confidence Rating. To update, follow the in-app prompt to update your desktop software, use the iClicker Cloud menu option to 'Check for Updates', or visit the iClicker Downloads page.



Version 6.3 of the iOS and Android apps was released to support Confidence Rating. The iClicker student web app was updated automatically. This is an optional update, but students must update their mobile apps or participate with the web app to use Confidence Rating.