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Whether you are new to iClicker or a seasoned pro, we reached out to our iClicker experts to reveal some additional usage tips to help instructors at every part of their iClicker process. Here are some of our favorite tips. 


Before Class 


Set up your Pre-Created Quiz questions.

    • Why? This feature does not function once you have started the software during class. To administer your pre-created quizzes, create them on the web browser first to ensure you can start them in class.


    • You can, however, start an “on the fly” quiz at any time!


Choose how you want your grades to be synced to your campus LMS. 



    • Why? In your settings, you have the option to sync grades into one column or various columns in your LMS. Make sure you choose your preference before initiating a sync.


    • Change your mind? No worries! If you want to make a switch midway through the term you can delete the iClicker entries in your LMS and resync grades from iClicker into your LMS gradebook as it suits your preference.




During Class  


Plug in your base before starting up your software. 



    • Why? Without plugging your physical base into your computer, it may result in your students having issues connecting to your polling session! 


    • The best method would be the following – open your slide deck, plug in your base, and start up the iClicker Cloud software. Look for the “base connected” message. Once you see that, you are good to get started. 




Share the iClicker Student App Troubleshooting Tips article with students

    • Why? If students using mobile devices run into any issues, having this documentation at the beginning of the term will help assist students with technical trouble.


    • In most cases, closing out of the app and re-opening it does the trick!


After Class 


When using integration, before syncing grades to your campus LMS, make sure all grade edits are done in the iClicker gradebook first. 

    • Why? If you make changes to your iClicker grades in your campus LMS you may risk having those changes overwritten by re-syncing grades from the iClicker gradebook and pulling the grades that currently show there.


    • Our solution? Click the “details” tab in your gradebook to see all student grades and edit them there as needed. Everything highlighted in blue is clickable, and all of your changes stay cohesive via the iClicker gradebook.


Go into the grade book to find your exit poll results. 

    • Why? Well, you want to see your exit poll results, don’t you?


    • To find your exit poll results, click into your Gradebook, open the details tab, and select an activity.




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