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“Young Americans are more pro-Palestinian than their elders. Why?” headlined a recent Washington Post article.’Tis true, as many surveys reveal. In a ...
by Author Author in Talk Psych Blog Tuesday
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In an Optimist Daily article this morning, I learned that there are 54 Taylor Swift songs that have a beat that matches the recommended number of beat...
by Expert Expert in Psychology Blog Monday
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I have written previously about the fear of needles in the context of COVID vaccine hesitancy. This NPR story got me thinking about this again (Dembos...
by Expert Expert in Psychology Blog Thursday
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If I were a manager or business owner needing to hire someone, the number one characteristic I would want in a new employee is conscientiousness. That...
by Expert Expert in Psychology Blog 2 weeks ago
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Sometimes we just need a little good news. In the Intro Psych social psych chapter, let’s give students some practice thinking through the Latané and ...
by Expert Expert in Psychology Blog 2 weeks ago
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