Creating Connections Wherever 'Class' Is

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the learning landscape dramatically. After having to pivot to all virtual learning, students began to see they had options when it came to where they had to be for class. Even as schools reopened and in-person learning returned, it wasn’t necessarily a full return. Hybrid learning may be here to stay, and your classroom may no longer be a physical space each and every one of your students walk into every day.

Student engagement becomes a key concern in this educational landscape. Keeping students with us as we teach will forever be the ultimate challenge regardless of class format. But, worrying about engagement, and seeing it as an obstacle to overcome, is actually a good thing. Giving it all this attention means you’re more likely to take action, right at the start, to craft a course that works for all students.

To provide the best possible experience for both in-person and virtual learners, consider implementing some or all of these tips. Garnered from the experience of Grace Tuttle (Boise State University), Matt Evans (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire), and Solina Lindahl (California Polytechnic State University), these tips can help bring together a cohesive class even if everyone is still in their own room.


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