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Historian and professor Vaughn Scribner explains Achieve in his own words and why it's changed his classroom for the better.
by Community Manager Community Manager in History Blog a week ago
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We’ve had the good fortune this calendar year of welcoming two new faculty to our department, both of whom are newly-minted PhDs. Having fresh f aces ...
by Expert Expert in History Blog a week ago
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This week I had the opportunity to participate in New Student Welcome Day at my college. Beyond helping them to learn the ins and outs of the campus, ...
by Expert Expert in History Blog 4 weeks ago
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Even after teaching college students for twenty-plus years, I'm still searching every summer for tips and tricks to make the upcoming year's courses m...
by Expert Expert in History Blog 08-03-2023
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If you’re anything like me and love summer movies, you might be excited for the upcoming release of “Barbie” (Warner Bros). And while I’m not going to...
by Expert Expert in History Blog 07-14-2023
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