Some Fans Blindsided: A Future Classic Example for Psychology Teachers?

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Originally posted on November 14, 2015.

Thursday night’s Buffalo Bills versus New York Jets football game was lampooned for its red and green uniforms. “Christmas pjs” in the NFL?

But for “colorblind” people there was a bigger problem. As Nathan DeWall and I explain in Psychology, 11th Edition, “Most people with color-deficient vision are not actually ‘colorblind.’ They simply lack functioning red- or green-sensitive cones, or sometimes both.” The classic textbook illustration at left—which the NFL apparently forgot—reminds us that for some folks (most of whom, like most NFL fans, are male) those red and green uniforms likely looked more like this.


Twitter messages flowed:


Note to the NFL, from psychology teachers and text authors: Thanks for the great example!

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