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The new edition for some reason opens with a thought exercise that is problematic because it's a statement of fact, but I know (because I was raised o...
by New Contributor New Contributor in The Discussion Board a week ago
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Even after teaching college students for twenty-plus years, I'm still searching every summer for tips and tricks to make the upcoming year's courses m...
by Community Manager Community Manager in The Discussion Board 08-14-2023
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This week I’m rethinking online course Discussion Boards and how best to utilize them in my courses. I’m particularly interested in a reevaluation of ...
by Expert Expert in The Discussion Board 06-23-2023
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In previous blogs I’ve mentioned that I use inclusive access in all of my on-campus and online classes. Some faculty are not familiar with this practi...
by Community Manager Community Manager in The Discussion Board 06-23-2023
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Someone recently introduced me to the term hidden curriculum. For anyone else who isn’t already familiar, I’ll save you the step of Googling – I alrea...
by Macmillan Employee Macmillan Employee in The Discussion Board 05-15-2023
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