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Last weekend Oliver Sacks passed away at the age of 82-years-old. Many of us are familiar with his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat or the movie Awakenings. I suppose what he is best known for is bringing a level of compassion and understanding to human behavior through the stories of people's lives who have struggled with abnormalities of the brain. Although some criticize his less than scholarly approach to describing the lives and experiences of the men and women he met and worked with along the way, he brought a level of humanity and compassion for those who suffer with abnormalities of the brain. He opened the door for those who are not scientists, physicians, or mental health professionals to better understand human behavior and be more compassionate and respectful of those who struggle when the brain's mechanisms are disrupted and disordered. He was an explorer of brain and behavior and allowed us to join him in his journeys.

Thank you Oliver, you are deeply missed.

Here are links to some articles with videos. They provide a very nice introduction to Oliver Sacks, his life, and work.

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