My Psychology Lecture Launchers featuring Andy Pomerantz

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What better tour guide through My Psychology than the author himself, Andy Pomerantz. In each of these brief videos Andy introduces a specific chapter, highlighting important topics to come while addressing student preconceptions. Using these is a terrific way to set the stage for your lectures and your students' encounters with the course material.

Preview the Lecture Launchers by Chapter:

Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology

Chapter 2: Brain and Behavior

Chapter 3: Sensation and Perception

Chapter 4: Consciousness

Chapter 5: Memory

Chapter 6: Learning

Chapter 7:  Cognition: Thinking, Language and Intelligence

Chapter 8: Motivation and Emotion

Chapter 9: Development Across the Lifespan

Chapter 10: Diversity in Psychology: Multiculturalism, Gender, and Sexuality

Chapter 11: Stress and Health

Chapter 12: Personality

Chapter 13: Social Psychology

Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 15: Therapy

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