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Bionic Hearing Comes to the US Military

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In this 3 minute and 30 second video (posted June 30, 2016), Mary Roach, author of some of my favorite books, like Grunt, Bonk, and Stiff, reports that the Veterans Administration spends one billion dollars annually on hearing loss treatment.

After covering hearing in the Intro Psych sensation chapter, but before showing this video, ask students to consider why there is so much hearing loss in the military (for example, there are lots of things that go boom). Now ask students for some possible solutions. Students may say better ear protection. Better ear protection would block out the sudden loud sounds, but ask students if someone out on patrol might want to also hear softer sounds, like what their fellow patrol-mates are saying.

Now, show students this short video.

Video Link : 1633

Roach notes that it’s likely that this technology will be available to civilians. Ask students who else might benefit from this technology.

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