Webinar: Five Simple Ways to Improve Engagement in College Success Courses for Better Outcomes

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In October 2018 EdSurge released the research study, "Measuring Up: How Community Colleges Define, Measure and Support Student Success", which revealed important trends in student success initiatives, current practices for institutional analytics and early indicators of student success at community colleges in the United States. In this interactive webinar, highlights from the study will be presented alongside five easy-to-implement methods that can be incorporated in College Success courses to encourage and evaluate student engagement for better learning outcomes. From tracking attendance to gauging students' conceptual understanding, student engagement opportunities are endless, yet within reach with the ubiquity of mobile devices. The session will explore and demonstrate analytics tools that enable community college faculty, course coordinators and administrators to understand how to get quickly and affordably get started using student engagement tools in College/Student Success courses.


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  • Vance Gray is the former dean of social sciences at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (University System of Georgia) and instructor of political science at Spelman College. Dr. Gray currently serves as the Consultant to the Office of Academic Affairs, Student Success & Completion for the University System of Georgia. Dr. Gray was the former director of the First Year Experience Program at Atlanta Metropolitan and served as the the USG point of Contact for the Momentum Year and Gateways to Completion efforts. He participated in the intelligence community program with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Center for Excellence in National Security Studies in 2010, and the 2015 and 2018 Council on Foreign Relations Educators Workshops. Dr. Gray holds degrees in English literature from the University of Washington, Seattle, and an MBA and PhD (international politics/economics, urban politics, public administration, and American government) from Clark Atlanta University.