RESEARCH NOTE | How Does Room Assignment Satisfaction Relate to the Overall Housing Experience

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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In recent years, housing and residence life programs have put increased effort and attention towards improving the experience and process of room assignments. With the utilization of new technologies to assist, on-campus residents often play a more active role in selecting the residence halls, rooms, and even roommates. Therefore, having an understanding of how students perceive these processes and how their satisfaction with room assignment relates to their broader housing experience is crucial.

This research note explores the topic of room assignment, including the types of processes used, satisfaction with the process, and satisfaction with the outcome of the process. The findings are drawn from a national dataset of responses from 260,000 on-campus residents at nearly 250 U.S. institutions to the ACUHO-I/ Benchworks Resident Assessment during the 2018- 2019 academic year.


Key Questions:
  1. How satisfied were residents with room assignment processes and outcomes?
  2. How did room assignment satisfaction relate to the overall housing experience?
  3. How frequently did residents have input in the room assignment process?
  4. How did room assignment process type relate to room assignment satisfaction?
  5. How did room assignment process type relate to the overall housing experience?