ICYMI: Agreeing (how) to Disagree by Matthew Venaas and Cate Morrison

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Congratulations to Matthew Venaas and Cate Morrison on the publication of their article "Agreeing (how) to Disagree" in the latest issue of Talking Stick! Talking Stick is a bi-monthly publication produced by ACUHO-I, the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International. The publication, written by experts in the field, focusses on the latest in housing news, innovation, and professional development information. In the current issue, Venaas and Morrison use a Skyfactor survey to prove that roommates who complete their roommate agreements in the beginning of the year are more likely, across the board, to have a positive roommate experience, than those who do not. This data-supported conclusion supports the necessity for housing departments that are committed to housing agreements--read it here! 

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