2023 Benchworks Assessment and Impact Award for Nursing Winner: Bluefield State University

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Bluefield State University is one of two winners of the 2023 Benchworks Assessment & Impact Award for Nursing. They were recognized for significant improvement on survey scores related to satisfaction with quality of nursing instruction and course and lecture interaction. Bluefield’s School of Nursing established new initiatives to reinvigorate content and instruction by slowing students down to approach programmatic requirements in a step-by-step process. Their efforts include restructuring a research course to include bootcamps that offer foundational content, employing a variety of learning approaches to enhance learning, and bolstering formative feedback by adding touch points so students receive immediate, actionable feedback.

Check out the case study linked below to learn more about what their program learned from their survey data and how they used it to make a positive impact on their nursing education program!