Macmillan Learning's mission, vision for the future, and values that guide us

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Every great company has a culture that makes it special, differentiating it from other companies. Culture is the result of the people working together toward a common goal.  It’s the reason why they come to work each and every day. Everything we do at Macmillan Learning is in service of fulfilling our common goal. It's at the heart of what we stand for and why our employees remain inspired to do such amazing work. 

Our daily mission and vision for the future has evolved along with the needs and focus of the community we support. For the past year, we have been reflecting on our business, our teams, and our communities. We interviewed and surveyed customers, leaders, authors, students, and our employees without any preconceived ideas to better understand their beliefs about our company. 

Through collecting and measuring the data, some common themes emerged. We thought long and hard about what everyone had to say and the feedback confirmed we’re making the right moves to prepare for the future, and an ever- changing education landscape. It also helped us to articulate the journey that Macmillan Learning has been on for quite some time -- to help inspire a better future for every student. Or, in other words, inspire what’s possible. 

Earlier today. Macmillan Learning announced to our employees a revised mission, vision, and stated company values and I am excited to now share it more broadly. Our mission, vision and values are meant to be living statements - ones that symbolize the passion and purpose we all feel for the work we do every day. 

You will see these everywhere from our website to our offices; our promotional materials to our social media. You’ll hear our team talking about what it means to live this mission and these values; what it means to work toward this critically important vision.  They are reflections of our team as much as guideposts directing our efforts as we navigate a rapidly changing landscape with ongoing challenges of learning loss, access, AI, and more. While the phrases may be new, these sentiments have been a part of our company’s culture for quite some time.

At Macmillan Learning, we believe that through our work, actions, content, and courseware we are making an impact on the educational ecosystem. And through that impact, we are helping to inspire what’s possible for each and every learner. 

 Our Mission:                                                                                     





Our Vision:

Our Values





Collectively, Macmillan Learning’s mission, vision, and values serve as the foundation upon which we will continue to work and build toward the future. This is what inspires our work; it is who we are. And it is the foundation of our partnership with educators and students.