A New Year, An Unwavering Commitment to Our Mission

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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This time last year, Macmillan Learning updated our mission, vision and values. We remain committed to our mission: to inspire what’s possible for every learner. At the core of this mission is our unwavering belief in the enduring value of education. We believe that an investment in education is an investment in human potential. Whether that means a more prosperous future or by providing a stepping-stone to personal and societal growth, we know we have a role to play. 

Over the past year, there have been concerns about AI in education leading to its overuse, students’ diminished critical thinking skills, or a reduction in students' investment in their own learning. But I believe that those of us who intimately know what makes learning successful understand that an education is more than just accumulating facts or mastering skills; rather, it's an exploration of self and world and the genesis of lifelong curiosity and learning.

This is a new era for education – one that embraces the dynamics of a digital age. But also one that acknowledges the timeless value of human connection and the importance of learning from each other. As we navigate this rapidly changing landscape, our mission remains our anchor, guiding our endeavors and fueling our passion. AI doesn't change this. We believe all  technology enables the human-centric experience of learning.

In a world marked by political turbulence, the role of education becomes even more critical. We remain steadfast in adhering to our values and mission and believe that classrooms must be places where ideas are fostered, engaged with, and critiqued – not removed or banned. Which brings me to another thing that hasn’t changed for us in 2024: our dedication towards diversity and inclusion. 

We understand how access to our course materials and technology can help transform 'what’s possible' into reality and carry this responsibility with a deep sense of purpose and optimism. Importantly, we take pride in creating products that reflect the rich diversity of the student populations we serve and strengthen the inclusive value of educational environments. It’s through such commitments we envision neutralizing persistent gaps in outcomes reflective of racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, and cultural lines. We believe that educators and students should feel represented in our learning materials, and that no student should be expected to adopt any particular political or cultural point-of-view in order to succeed in the classroom.

As we proceed in this new year, expect to see us further embolden our commitment to our mission. Expect us to stand firm in our belief in the value of education, and steadfast in our dedication to inspiring possibilities – to fostering curiosity and enabling success for every student. Our ultimate goal? To make a difference in learners' lives – to not just educate, but inspire what’s possible. And we envision a world in which every learner succeeds. Through our content, services and tools we aim to make that a reality. We invite you to join us on this journey, as it will surely be an interesting and exciting one in 2024.