Welcome Yalanda Nicolas to Macmillan Learning

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Extern Name: Yalanda Nicolas
School: University of Florida (FL)
Project: Web Traffic Analysis

What are you most excited to learn or experience during your externship?
During this externship, I am most excited to learn how digital marketing is conducted in publishing. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and provide quality work that will be valuable to the team to see an increase in traffic and reach to the new platforms and websites of Macmillan Learning.  I am also looking forward to networking opportunities to meet my peer externs and staff within the Macmillan family.

What skill/talent are you most excited to showcase during your externship?
During this externship, I am excited to connect my experience in web design, consumer research, and foundational knowledge of Search Engine Optimization to present thorough findings and recommendations. 

To learn more about Yalanda Nicolas’ project sponsor, Jenny Chiu, click here.