Jenny Chiu, Digital Product Manager for Digital Marketing sponsors BLACC extern, Yalanda Nicolas

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Sponsor Name: Jenny Chiu
Department: Marketing
Project: Web Traffic Analysis

What are you most excited to learn or experience during the externship?
I want to sponsor an extern because I understand the value of opportunity for young people of color to learn skills and gain real-life work experience with companies. Many years ago, a manager hired me as her Macmillan intern because my resume was straightforward, and I did not have any fancy internship experience or skill set. She said she chose me because she wanted to give college students who didn’t have any other experiences a chance, and I’ve always been grateful for that opportunity. I want to pay it forward by sponsoring an extern to enhance their skills and explore career options in publishing. Students learn many practical skills in the classroom, but putting them into practice in the real world will set them apart from other candidates when they apply for jobs. 

To learn more about Yalanda Nicolas, the Enterprise Marketing team’s extern, click here