Waiting to Share iClicker screenshots with Students Until After Class

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Macmillan Employee
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Need to keep your iClicker question screenshots and results under wraps until after all your class sections have met for the week? We have all the details you need to control exactly how you hide and share your Polling details.

Before Class: Turn Off Screenshot Sharing
Sign in to the iClicker Cloud instructor website, select your course, and select Settings.

Select the Polling tab of your course settings. Under Sharing, select Do not send a picture of my screen. You can also select Do not send results. The changes you make to your settings will apply to all future iClicker class sessions.

When you are satisfied with your choices, click Save. Do this for each relevant iClicker Cloud course.

Note: You may also wish to keep Polling questions ungraded until all class sections have met. You can grade questions after class through your Class History.

This is what students will see in class when you ask Polling questions. They will not receive a screenshot of your screen with the question (however, they will receive a screenshot if you choose to ask a Target question). They will see a message that the question was "Hidden by Instructor."image6.png

After Class/After All Class Sections Have Met: Turn On Screenshot Sharing
Once you are ready to share questions screenshots and/or results with your students, go to the Class History for each course and click on the poll you wish to share.

Click the three dots in the upper-right corner to open Poll Settings.

In the Poll Settings window, check the appropriate boxes to share questions images and/or results with the students in this course. Click Save.

Do this for each relevant section of your course.

After you have shared your screenshots with all of your class sections, students will be able to review those polling questions and bookmark them to use in the Study Tools section of their app.