Amy Braziller; Elizabeth Kleinfeld
The Bedford Book of Genres
Recognizing the importance of reading and writing skills in any context, The Bedford Book of Genres invites students to unpack how genres work in order to experiment with their own compositions. From memes to podcasts, rhetorical analyses to researched arguments, the models engage students, inspiring them to think critically and engage thoughtfully.  After capturing the imagination of instructors and students in its first two editions, the third edition focuses on the crucial move from effective reading to strong writing.  The Guide now includes a new Part Two on the writing process to better teach students how to compose in any situation.  Throughout the text, Guided Readings provide opportunities to analyze the rhetorical situations and conventions of common public and academic genres, while Guided Process sections follow the decisions that five real students made as they worked in multiple genres and media. With a range of readings from short visual arguments to longer, more complex pieces, the thematic Reader gives students a wealth of sources, models, and inspiration for their own compositions. Package with Achieve for Readers & WritersCombining diagnostics with formative and summative assessments, Achieve for Readers & Writers is a quick, flexible solution for targeting instruction on critical reading, the writing process, grammar, mechanics, style, and punctuation to each individual student
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