What Do Biology Achieve Users Really Think? | A Deep Dive into Instructor and Student Feedback

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Macmillan Employee
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This year, 10,218 college instructors and 131,921 students used Achieve. Here, we break down what biology instructors and students really think about using the platform in their classrooms. 

Overall, 83% of biology instructors agree that Achieve was a valuable asset for student study and review. John Geiser, an instructor at Western Michigan University, said, “Students like it and I think they actually learned more than when they were left to their own devices to learn the material.” 

And he’s right! Students do like Achieve. 93% of biology students said that Achieve was easy to use and 83% agreed that it helped them study or review for quizzes and exams. Sophia Gonzalez, a student at College of Dupage, said, “I absolutely loved the e-book and all of the graphics, visuals, and content that helped me learn biology this semester. Everything was really easy to understand and to-the-point. I would definitely recommend Achieve to my friends!”

Macmillan’s iClicker response system is included with Achieve. 91% of biology instructors shared that the time they invested in iClicker was worthwhile and 88% agree iClicker increased student engagement and preparedness. Moreover, Brian Black, a Bay de Noc Community College instructor, noted that iClicker is a great tool to have with a mix of both live and remote students. 

Check out the infographic below for more stats and details from our user survey on what biology instructors and students really think about Achieve.