Students Come Prepared: Using Achieve Pre-Class Activities

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Using Achieve Pre-Class Activities

Achieve has a multitude of features that can be assigned as pre-class, in-class, or post-class work. Here are just a few of the key features we see used best as pre-class work.


Adaptive Quizzing

Learning Curve Adaptive Quizzing puts the powerful concept of “self-testing to learn” into action and strategically develops personalized study plans that directly address students’ gaps in knowledge. Adaptive quizzing provides personalized question sets and clear feedback based on each student’s correct and incorrect answers—offering an easy way for students to prepare for class by reviewing the e-book and then assessing their understanding of the key concepts. 

Reporting Tools

Instructors can use the reporting features of Adaptive Quizzing to evaluate class performance to get a sense of what their class needs to focus on, attuned to the individual needs of each student.

Instructors can see how many questions each student answered before reaching the target score, how many students have completed each activity, and how individual students are performing, as well as composite results for the class as a whole.

This can help guide how much time is spent in class on certain topics or concepts.

Helpful Guidance 

Each question includes a topic-specific link that guides students to the e-book so they can use that material to assist them in answering the question correctly. Referencing this additional material doesn't cost students any points. Students can also Get a Hint for fewer points or Show answer for no points.

Instant Feedback

Students receive instant feedback after each question in Adaptive Quizzing. Not only does this assist with retention, it also corrects them immediately on any misconceptions or mistakes. 

Students who are unprepared or who need more help will receive as much practice as they need to master a concept. At any time during an Adaptive Quizzing activity, students can click on links to online instruction for more explanation and examples. This way, students can receive guided help before attending class. 


Reading Assignments

Reading can be assigned prior to class, ungraded or for points, to help students come prepared.



Most of our titles include a variety of engaging animations, which can be assigned pre-class or post-class. Many animations that match the chapter content are provided with 6–8 assessment questions. These are designed to aid students in connecting their visual understanding with the core concepts in the chapters. 


Pre-Class Assignments

Each chapter has a 10-question assignment that can be used to check reading comprehension and pre-class preparation. These assignments cover the entire chapter but can be modified and edited to suit professors’ individual needs by editing wording or adding new questions via our question banks.


You can customize your course in a way that works best for your students. Let us know how you use these features of Achieve!