Make Achieve Work for You: Customize Your Course

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Macmillan Employee
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Customize Your Course in Achieve

It’s important that you use Achieve in a way that works for you. Here are some strategies for personalizing your course:


Course Creation

When you create your course, you can choose a course populated with all the chapters and resources provided or you can build your course piece by piece from our library of content.

The pre-built course in Achieve includes several types of assessments, but Achieve also has a bank of questions available to instructors for ultimate customizability. These are some best practices on curating and adapting your course to fit your style.

Where To Go To Assign Content 

In a prebuilt course, you can assign content directly from our Course Content page by clicking on the calendar icon next to the content item or from the resources page. 

How to Find and Filter Content

In the Resources tab, you can see all of the content that has been assigned, and you can add new content. You can use the filters on the left to help you find what type of content you are looking for.

How to Edit Assignment Details

A checkmark appears next to an assignment that has already been added to your course. Click on the calendar/plus icon to edit student visibility, due date, etc.

How to Edit Assignment Content

From the Resource page, click into an individual assignment to view the questions and to edit the content. You can remove, add, or edit questions, choosing from several question collections.