Find Your Favorite FlipIt Content in Your Achieve for Physics Course

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Macmillan Employee
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The best content in FlipIt Physics is now available in Achieve! 

Looking for the content from FlipIt in your Achieve course (calc-based physics)? Follow these instructions:


  • First, if you haven’t already, create your Achieve course. []
    • Click the blue “Create a New Course” button at the top righthand corner in Achieve.


  • Select “OpenStax, University Physics with Prelectures” from the list of courses.  


  • Choose between an individual course or a section manager. 
    • And then click Next: Course Set-up.


  • Enter your course details. 
    • And then click Next: Create Course.


  • Either start with a pre-built course (aligned to the OpenStax table of contents) or build from scratch by Browsing the library of content.
    • Ed. note: I recommend starting from the pre-built course and then deleting/reorganizing rather than adding everything from a blank course, but just my two cents!


  • Whichever route you choose, you can find the content you’re familiar with from FlipIt in the Resources tab on the lefthand panel. (looks like a file folder)


  • Within the Resources folder, you can find the following categories of content migrated from FlipIt and add it to your course:
    • Prelecture video assignments → Search “prelecture”
    • Bridge assignments (fka Checkpoints) → Search “bridge”
    • Homework assignments from FlipIt (fka Standard Exercises) → Search “scaffolded”


  • There’s also a ton of new content and functionality for you to browse, including Achieve’s large question library, Goal-Setting and Reflection Surveys, and iClicker integration.


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