Engaging Students: Using Achieve and iClicker in Class

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Using Achieve and iClicker In-Class

Whether teaching in-person or online, Achieve has the resources you need to keep students actively engaged during class.



With Achieve’s seamless integration with iClicker, you can help any student participate—in the classroom or virtually. iClicker’s attendance feature gets students in class, then instructors can choose from flexible polling and quizzing options to engage, check understanding, and get feedback from students in real time. iClicker also allows students to participate using laptops, mobile devices, or iClicker remotes—whichever each student prefers. Additionally, we offer Instructor Activity Guides and book-specific iClicker question slides within Achieve to make the most out of your class time. 

Instructor Activity Guides    

The guides provide instructors with a structured plan to facilitate an activity that encourages student engagement in both face-to-face and remote learning courses. Each guide lays out for professors the best implementation for each activity and highlights the resources available for use in class, including presentation slides, iClicker questions, and student handouts. The guide displays the activity type, estimated prep and class time, implementation instructions, suggestions for remote implementation where applicable, and Learning Objectives for ease of use.

  1. Activity Details: Approximate class time, Implementation effort, and best use case. 
  2. Activity Summary and Implementation suggestions for both in person and remote classes.
  3. All resources and links to implement the activity. 

Resources for the Activity

Activities typically include accompanying presentation slides (with iClicker questions) and student worksheets. All items, as well as guidance for best practices for activity use, can be found in the instructor's guide.  

Active Lecture Slides

These brief, visually interesting slides are designed to hold students’ attention in class with graphics demonstrating key concepts and real-world examples. Each slide deck also contains iClicker questions that can be used during lecture.


Let us know how you’re using Achieve during class this term!