Do you know your students' relationship status with math?

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Macmillan Employee
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How would your students define their relationship with math?

BFFs? Casual Acquaintances? Estranged? 

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Whether you teach precalculus, math for liberal arts, or quantitative literacy, understanding how your intro students feel about math can set the stage to help your students develop confidence in their problem-solving abilities and an appreciation of how math affects the world around them. 

Check out this exercise that Bruce Crauder, Macmillan author of Quantitiative Literacy and Preparation for Calculus, assigns to his students at Oklahoma State University.





Turn in a full-page typed essay covering the following topics:

--Paragraph 1.  Introduce yourself to me

What's your major? Where are you from? What are your hobbies?

--Paragraph 2.  Write your math autobiography, i.e. tell me about yourself and math

Do you dream in mathematical terms? Or did you part ways with math in the third grade and never look back?

--Paragraph 3.  Let me know what you want to achieve in this class

What will completing this class enable you to do? What do you hope to take away from this class? What can I do to help you get there?


Finding out a little bit about your students' approach the course can go a long way in helping them succeed. And who knows, maybe your students and math can be lifelong friends after all!