Analyzing the Olympics: Winter Sports Gear

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Macmillan Employee
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The Winter Olympics are almost over, but there's still time to engage your stats students with some new online learning tools and resources. Check out some of our winter sports examples and problems, and see how Achieve is changing the game. 

Kokoska's Introductory Statistics: A Problem-Solving Approach, 10e helps students develop the fundamental lifelong skill of solving problems and interpreting solutions in real-world terms. Take a look at this Sports and Leisure example:


Tour Achieve for Kokoska 10e to see the tools and resources designed for use before, during and after class.

Students apply their knowledge with the following snowboarding problem from The Basic Practice of Statistics, 9e


Take a tour of Achieve for BPS 9e to see the digital resources that support in-class learning as well as independent studying.

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