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The launch of Macmillan Learning is an incredibly exciting time for us.  By uniting the formidable legacy of our content and technologies with pioneering digital tools, we will deliver unparalleled options to our customers. This unified team offers tremendous strength from all of its pieces—which now fit together to make one impressive whole.

You may be wondering why we chose to rebrand as Macmillan Learning. The edtech space is an exciting place to be right now as the education industry is exploding. Educators and institutions are constantly looking for new ways to improve education, and we’re here to help make that happen. By joining the forces of Macmillan Higher Education and Macmillan New Ventures, we have a new opportunity to expand our reach within the industry.

Macmillan Learning has a key competitive advantage that other companies do not—deep history and relationships with educators, editorial integrity and quality, and tested, curated content. Communicating that Macmillan Learning is standing behind each of our imprints and companies to create cohesive curriculum solutions as well as singular customized content is critical for driving awareness in our markets. Our history and our present path provide us an incredible opportunity to impact the future of higher education.

We partner with educators at the institution, the department, and the course level to ensure that we provide a customized plan to address any issues and support stated goals. We strive to cultivate personalized and engaging learning experiences that ignite a sense of curiosity and wonder about learning. Whether equipping an instructor with the digital dashboard to track student progress or providing adaptive study tools for students, we seek to help both educators and learners succeed.

Our content and services come directly from our collaborations with the world’s best researchers, educators, and administrators to improve learning outcomes continually. We know our customers want smart tools and remarkable services, and our publishing teams are immersed in the disciplines we represent. The result is the creation of world-class content, tools, and services that continue to set the standard in each course market. As Macmillan Learning, we are united in the quest to help our customers achieve great things.

About the Author
Before taking on the role of Macmillan Learning's CEO, Ken was responsible for supporting Macmillan Science and Education's new business structure and ensuring global operational excellence in his role as Chief Operating Officer. He previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer at Hachette Book Group, spent 12 years in various Executive Management roles for the McGraw-Hill Companies, and also spent 12 years at General Electric. Ken holds a Bachelor's degree in business administration, an MBA, and is a graduate of GE's Financial Management Program.