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What's better than participating in a community filled with instructors and education enthusiasts to talk about hot topics in education and share ideas for the classroom? A place to propel your career as well.

Macmillan Community can help you bolster your online presence and make your skills and content easily accessible by others in the field.

Add your skills & expertise.

Add the skills and expertise that you bring into the classroom to your profile:

skills1.PNGWhen viewing all 10:


You can add your skills and expertise direction from your profile. The screenshot lists some skills that might be relevant, but be creative!

Endorse and be endorsed.

Endorse your colleagues' skills when you want to vouch for particular areas of expertise:


Or endorse then for something entirely new!

new endorsement.PNG

When a colleague has endorsed you for a new skill, you'll be asked to accept or reject:


If you accept, that skill will be added to your profile.

Now, your profile will list all of your skills, starting with those you've been endorsed for the most:

yourskills.PNGSync up your channels & reputation.

If you use LinkedIn, you may want to add a link to your Macmillan Community presence there in order to make it easier for others to find the contributions you have made. There are several ways you can achieve this, by I recommend you add it as a project because you can include a link to goes directly to your Macmillan Community profile:

2-addproject.PNGWhich, once saved, appears like this:


Of course, consider adding links to any of your other social media channels that you use so that your online presence is inextricably linked to your professional profile you've created!

Happy Community Building,

Laura Wind​ & Elizabeth Uva

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