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Student engagement and academic integrity among themes from Macmillan Learning’s new series

New York, NY September 26, 2022 -- Macmillan Learning, a privately-held, family-owned education publishing and services company announced today the launch of a professional development series for the education community focused on critical challenges for students and instructors. Each month this fall, the series will focus on a new theme beginning with student engagement in September followed by academic integrity in October, DE&I in November, and the value of higher education in December.

The “Engage Students to Achieve More” series offers insights into the landscape of the four challenges and will include both hands-on and thought leadership webinars, as well as activities, whitepapers, posts on the company’s Learning Stories blog and opportunities to engage with peers across the country. Participants will learn from administrators, instructors, textbook authors, and instructional designers who will share best practices and strategies on how to create effective learning experiences for students. Participating high school and college educators and administrators will be awarded a digital certification of completion by attending and completing a short assessment.

September: Student Engagement

Two student engagement-centered webinars begin the series and are designed to explain why engagement is essential to students’ success as well as share models for incorporating active learning pedagogies in the classroom. Read about active learning strategies for instructors here, check out the webinar about how to use classroom management tools like iClicker to build connections with students, and register for the upcoming webinar here.

  • Promoting Critical Thinking Through Active Learning: September 29 at 2 pm ET.  This panel discusses the many benefits of bringing active learning into the classroom, including the ability to help students build and reinforce critical thinking skills. Participants will learn the differences between active and passive learning and the links between active learning, creativity, and critical thinking as well as get ideas for active learning strategies. It features Macmillan Learning’s Connections author and instructor A.J. Metz; University of Arizona Associate Dean for Academics John Pollard; University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire physics instructor Matt Evans; and Harvard University Senior Student & Alumni Affairs Advisor Jamie Shushan.

October: Academic Integrity

This month’s webinars showcase different methods instructors can use to make academic integrity an intrinsic part of their course design and the role that promoting integrity may have on reducing cheating. Read more about academic integrity in October on the Learning Stories blog and register for the webinars here.

  • Digital Tools in the Post-Covid Age: Using "Read and Practice" to Foster Mental and Emotional Health Among College Students: October 13 at 11 am ET. Dr. Vaughn Scribner, Associate Professor at the University of Central Arkansas explains how, during the pandemic, courseware helped him to empathize with students and support students’ mental well-being. Learn more about how instructors can integrate these findings in today’s classroom.
  • Emphasizing Academic Integrity in Every Classroom: October 19 at noon ET.  This panel discusses the state of academic integrity and offers strategies to mitigate cheating by fostering strong academic integrity. Participants will learn about why promoting integrity may be better than monitoring to mitigate cheating. It features Kansas State Director of the Honor and Integrity System Camilla Roberts; University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Associate Director Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Cindy Albert; and Texas A&M University Chief of Staff in the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President Tim Powers. 

November: Diversity Equity & Inclusion

The three webinars in November explore how to achieve more equitable outcomes in education and offer ideas for building strong pedagogical practices to support institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion. Read more about equitable learning in November on the Learning Stories blog and register for the webinars here.

  • Teaching in Stereo: Strategies for Class Participation: November 1 at 1 pm ET. Author and Educator Derek Bruff discusses how instructors can take a more inclusive, accessible approach to students’ class participation. The webinar will showcase some principles and practices that can transform classes into learning communities.
  • How WE Achieve: Using Goal Setting and Reflection Surveys to Connect with Students: November 7 at noon ET. University of Memphis Psychology Instructor Mollie Anderson will provide insight into how to use surveys to boost student metacognitive and study skills and provide deep insight into individual students’ needs, which helps her to intervene when students need her support the most. The hands-on webinar will demonstrate how to use Achieve’s Goal Setting and Reflection surveys in class to create closer connections with students than ever.
  • Addressing and Preventing Bias in Educational Technology: November 17 at 1 pm ET. Macmillan Learning leaders, Drs. Marcy Baughman and Phoenix Harvey have an important conversation about how instructors and their partners in education can work together to identify, prevent, and address bias and provide more equitable learning experiences to students.

December: Value of Education

Several factors are leading to increasing numbers of students choosing jobs or trade schools over a traditional college education. There is value in diverse higher and continuing education experiences. December’s webinars will discuss the research and what educators can do to demonstrate the value of continuing their education. Read more about why relevance is important in education on the Learning Stories blog and register for the webinars here.

  • Meeting Students Where They Are: Using Technology to Make Learning Accessible and Engaging: December 5 at 11 am ET. This webinar featuring Tyler DeWitt, creator of one of the most popular channels on YouTube and video author of Macmillan Learning's Interactive General Chemistry, will focus on how we can use technology to make education more engaging and accessible--which allows us to connect with students wherever their learning is happening. 
  • Reconsidering the Value of Education: December 12 at noon ET. Join Becoming a Learner author Matt Sanders as he discusses what an education offers students, the decisions that students have to weigh when considering whether to go to college, and what the higher education community can do to show the value of students’ investment in their education.

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