Macmillan Learning Redefines a Learner-Centered Strategy

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Company maximizing powerful opportunity to blend learning research, human-centered design, analytics, and impact research to help educators and learners reach full potential.

New York, May 10, 2017 – Macmillan Learning, a leading education solutions company, announced significant investments in expanding their learning research and design capabilities to leverage emerging research and insights to drive future innovation.

Chief Executive Officer, Ken Michaels stated, “We know more about how students learn than ever before. We have an unprecedented opportunity to help students to achieve their academic goals by utilizing the science of learning.  And in this rapidly changing education landscape, instructors and administrators are seeking partners able to provide holistic, actionable, data-based insights.”

This commitment is embodied in Macmillan’s Learning Science and Insights division. Led by Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Adam Black, the team’s mission is to forge a synthesized, end-to-end approach to the research, design, development, evaluation, instructional support, and continuous improvement of all learning solutions.

Macmillan’s Learning Science and Insights division brings together a formidable group of industry-leading researchers, analysts, and faculty advisors with Macmillan’s User Experience Design team. Senior leaders include: Dr. Jeff Bergin, VP of Learning Research and Design; Dr. Rasil Warnakulasooriya, VP of Analytics and Insights; and Dr. Kara McWilliams, Senior Director of Impact Research. Leveraging the considerable experience of the team, Macmillan’s unusually broad portfolio of learning tools, and the growing body of learning science, is helping Macmillan Learning to redefine a learner-centered strategy.

A lot is known about how to engage each learner at the right cognitive level, through to coaching them with effective study strategies during a course and through their college career,” described Dr. Black. “Codifying this research into practical design principles, and co-evolving solutions with learners and instructors through user-centered design enables us to develop innovative solutions that are deeply intuitive and engineered to improve learning outcomes.”


Dr. Black went on to describe their process. “Designing data capture and feedback loops into our learning solutions enables us to continuously improve and is already revealing fascinating empirical insights into learners that are driving our future innovations,” he noted.

Commenting on the new Learning Science and Insights division, Managing Director Susan Winslow said, “It doesn’t get more exciting than helping learners, instructors, and institutions achieve their best outcomes. We are applying educational research to the design of our products, continuously evaluating the impact of our solutions, and utilizing insights from big and small data, as we prepare to roll out the first solutions informed from this work in 2018. We are passionate about the opportunity to make a significant difference in the teaching and learning process. This is what drives us each and every day.”

Macmillan has a rich history of continuous innovation in education tied directly to enhancing the learner’s experience and ultimate success, including the recent acquisition of several educational technology companies.

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