Macmillan Learning Launches Professional Development Institute with “Teaching with Generative AI” Course

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New York, NY; March 5, 2024 -- Macmillan Learning, a privately-held, family-owned digital learning company, today announced the launch of a new professional development institute to provide practical knowledge and a meaningful community for educators. The Institute at Macmillan Learning begins on May 13 with the course “Teaching with Generative AI: A Course for Educators”,  a facilitator-led, two-month course that covers essential AI concepts.

During the course, participants will get hands-on experience developing AI policies for their courses, designing assignments highlighting AI's capabilities and limitations, and navigating conversations with students about the use of AI. The course offers educators a blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning, interactive workshops, and discussion platforms to both educate and connect educators from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and institutions.  

“This institute was developed to empower educators to meet modern teaching challenges with confidence,” said LeasaPress Release - 4B.png Burton SVP Pedagogical Design, Macmillan Learning. “I'm most excited to see the connections and relationships educators form with their fellow participants as they experiment with generative AI together in order to develop their own expertise. We know that having colleagues to lean on can have a tremendous impact on your success as an instructor.”

Each week, the professional development course offers moments for deep reflection on each participant’s own pedagogical practices and understanding of AI. Through expertly developed instructional content, educators will be introduced to new technologies and ideas and then equipped with the knowledge to weave them seamlessly into their curriculum. In addition to facilitator-led instruction, each week will also have assignments designed to serve as practical blueprints that educators can adapt and use in their classrooms as well as an interactive component for educators to exchange insights.

Beyond the curriculum, the Institute was designed to foster a vibrant community of practice. Participants will benefit from an immersive experience that enables them to demonstrate their expertise, learn from their peers, and engage in an active and accountable community. This robust support and recognition framework underlines the Institute’s commitment to not only advancing participants' knowledge but also their professional stature and impact in the educational field. Together, participants will enhance their skills, stay ahead of technological trends, and learn how they can take advantage of AI to make a lasting impact on their students and institutions. 

"Recognizing the self-motivation and diverse experiences that lifelong learners bring, the Institute creates an expanded opportunity for participants to share knowledge and experiences, which is vital for growth and innovation in education. There are few areas within education that are having the kind of impact that Gen AI is, so we are looking forward to connecting learners in our community who want to explore that with others," said Burton. 

“Teaching with Generative AI: A Course for Educators Across the Disciplines” was developed for educators at colleges and universities by experts alongside Macmillan Learning’s editorial, product and learning science teams. This and additional courses from the Institute are designed to encourage educators to engage in conversations, explore current educational topics, and collectively address contemporary challenges in education. Upon completion of the course, participants will earn badges recognizing their mastery of teaching with Generative AI and advancing their professional development.

Registration begins April 15. Macmillan Learning is offering a special early-bird discount, bringing the course price from $249 to $99 for the first 100 people to enroll. To learn more about the course visit the Institute at Macmillan Learning.

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