Macmillan Learning Launches New First Editions in Humanities, Social Sciences and STEM for Upcoming Academic Year

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This week Macmillan Learning announced the availability of their new, first-edition textbooks and courseware for the 2019 - 2020 academic year. As part of the company’s ongoing investment in authors and engaging content, Macmillan Learning launched new course materials and software for humanities, social sciences and STEM courses. The new course materials add new perspective and diversity to the hundreds of already published digital and print works from the company. 

"Because we’re a family-owned company we’re able to focus our attention and investments on the classroom, not the boardroom, and giving instructors the new voices and perspectives they’re asking for,” said Susan Winslow, General Manager of Macmillan Learning. “We take a holistic approach to creating learning materials, meaning we’re working closely with authors, faculty and students to offer affordable learning materials that meet students exactly where they are and, importantly, inspire them to keep learning.”The Hub.jpg

The new titles are available in digital formats (LaunchPad, SaplingPlus, e-books) as well as various forms of print (hardback, paperback and loose-leaf) and can be either rented or purchased. The first edition projects include:


  • Peter Adams authored The Hub: A Place for Reading and Writing, which is the first and only hybrid digital and print course materials developed specifically for corequisite and Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) first-year writing courses.
  • David Anderson authored Survey of Economics, which answers the question “why should I care about economics.”
  • Susan Burns authored Psychology of Sex and Gender, which provides a the foundational understandings of the topics of sex and gender alongside cutting-edge research to encourage students to question perceptions of gender in the world around them.Interactive General Chemistry.jpg

  • Robert Crosnoe authored Families Now Diversity, Demography, and Development, which offers a modern, integrative approach to understanding families, reflecting the dynamic changes occurring in family life and institutions in the U.S.

  • Lauren Ingraham and Jeanne Law Bohannon authored The Writers Loop, a practical approach to writing, based on the habits of strong writers, who pause often, reflect, and loop backwards and forwards as they revise on their way to a final draft.

  • Stephen Rubb and Scott Sumner authored Economic Principles: A Business Perspective, which covers the fundamentals of economics in the context of today’s globalized business world. It can be purchased with a focus on Microeconomic Principles, Macroeconomic Principles, or both together.

  • Interactive General Chemistry was built from the ground up as a digital learning program to help effectively and efficiently tackle chemistry concepts and problem solving, using multimedia-rich learning resources.

  • Todd Taylor authored Becoming a College Writer, a unique multimedia text that offers brief, modular chapters derived from 100 interviews with students who recently finished first-year writing.Psychology of Sex and Genger.jpg

  • Judy Yung authored Chinese Exclusion Act and Angel Island, which offers original documents and provides context that together offers a broader and more inclusive vision of U.S. immigration history.

All of these course materials can be paired with iClicker to facilitate classroom attendance, active learning activities, or to complete in-class quizzes and surveys with mobile devices. Prices begin at $9.99 and all of these eBook titles are born-accessible, designed for users of all abilities.

Prior to developing these new titles, Macmillan Learning editors and authors worked closely with college instructors and students throughout the US through research councils and other outreach efforts. Additional titles for college students in STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences for the 2020-2021 academic year are currently in development. In addition to these new titles in higher education, first edition textbooks for Advanced Placement (AP) High School programs in Government and Physics are also newly available for the coming academic year.