Macmillan Learning Introduces Bedford Bookshelf for American History and for English Composition

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New York, NY; Nov. 9, 2023 --  Macmillan Learning today announced the launch of The Bedford Bookshelf, a digital platform that delivers a comprehensive and customizable collection of digital learning materials at an affordable price. The Bedford Bookshelf from the Bedford/St. Martin's imprint will be available Spring 2024 for two disciplines: American History and English Composition.

The Bookshelf draws on the vast portfolio of some of the most popular titles from Bedford/St. Martin’s. It allows instructors to assign multiple titles, or even specific chapters or readings from varied titles for their students. For less Chuck Quote (1).pngthan $40 a semester, students will have access to all the titles available in the respective bookshelves -- whether or not the title or reading was assigned. Note-taking, highlighting, sharing, offline reading, and accessibility support features are some of the benefits that are available at no extra cost to students.

“The Bedford Bookshelf offers instructors an unmatched level of flexibility in their courses, while at the same time providing students with multiple lenses to view American history and Composition,” said Leasa Burton, VP of Humanities at Macmillan Learning. “Exploring many perspectives in history and writing is like adjusting a kaleidoscope -- with each turn, students can see a different pattern, gain a deeper understanding, and appreciate the complexity of important topics and concepts."

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The Bedford Bookshelf for American History was crafted with flexibility in mind to help educators weave a multi-faceted narrative of America's past. The collection is a curated assortment of more than 120 e-books designed to offer instructors a rich variety of content to select from, including survey textbooks, companion readers, primary sources, tutorials, and essential research and writing guides. The full range of titles can be found in the catalog.

“The Bedford Bookshelf for American History was a huge success in my Southern History class. The content is great, the interface is intuitive, and my students appreciate the functionality. I love the fact that I can custom build my own reading list from Bedford’s collections in a way that helps to both diversify and organize content for my class,” said K. Stephen Prince, Charles Phelps Manship Professor at Louisiana State University.

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Just as the company’s history collection aids educators in piecing together America's historical narrative, the English Composition offering serves as a resource for students to develop their critical reading and writing skills. 

This curated e-book collection features titles from authors like Andrea Lunsford and Diana Hacker/Nancy Sommers and includes handbooks, readers, and more. It delivers the affordability, flexibility, and academic freedom today’s instructors need to teach their unique composition courses. Whether students are seeking examples of argumentative writing or composing a descriptive essay, with more than 60 titles and nearly 2,000 readings, The Bedford Bookshelf for Composition has something for every student and every course. The full range of titles can be found in the catalog.

“The Bedford Bookshelf is fantastic. With easy access to all of the Bedford/St. Martin's Composition offerings, our instructors have the ability to choose which texts and readers work best for them,” said Dr. Joel Overall, Associate Professor of English at Belmont University.

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