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"To help instructors teach better, to help students learn better - all of it is very rewarding," said Senior Vice President, Technology Pratyush Rai in our recent Macmillan Learning video.

Across each team at Macmillan learning, every person is laser-focused on that mission in their daily work, including our Learning Solutions group! These folks work every day with educators to provide them with guidance, training, and support when they use our digital tools in the classroom.

In this Employee Spotlight, we feature a Learning Solutions Specialist who is just one of an amazing Customer Experience team working to improve lives through learning.

So, get to know us - and the amazing people who make up Macmillan Learning!

Meet Robyn Burnett, Learning Solutions Specialist.


Robyn Burnett

Learning Solutions Specialist

I work on… providing instructional and pedagogical support for educators in the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. I also provide digital training and demos for our customers and our sales team. I work specifically on a variety of our best-selling products including Biology(Morris, Phelan, Shuster), Genetics(Pierce, Griffiths), Biochemistry(Berg, Stryer, Lehninger, Tymozcko), Chemistry(Akins, Harris), Astronomy (Comins, Freedman, Slater), Physics(Freedman, Flipitphysics), Environmental Science(Karr, Molles), Nutrition(Pope). Launchpad, Flipit.

The thing I like best about my current role is… being a support role for our customers and our sales team. I also provide direct customer feedback to our editorial and product development teams based on what I hear from educators every day.

My role contributes to learning and education by… training faculty how to most effectively set up and use the digital tools they will use in the classroom!

I am most excited about the future because… educational publishing is evolving all the time, and it’s an exciting time to be here.

When I am not working, I am… probably simultaneously watching TV, browsing the Internet, and eating. But I also like running, spending time with my crazy dog, and reading.

One little known fact about me is… I used to be a preschool teacher, and I have potty trained 23 children in one year.

The coolest thing I have seen recently is… I saw an Instagram celebrity in a Mexican restaurant in Times Square. I also saw Avenue Q that same night.

If a friend asked, I would tell them to join Macmillan Learning because of the… fun group of people!

Robyn Burnett