Macmillan Learning Combines Pedagogy and AI to Launch the New iClicker AI Question Creator

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New York, NY; Feb. 20, 2024 -- Macmillan Learning today announced the launch of the iClicker AI Question Creator, a new tool for instructors that harnesses the power of generative AI to create engaging and effective learning experiences for students. The AI Question Creator beta builds on the company’s market-leading iClicker platform and will be available to the first 5,000 instructors.

Rooted in modern pedagogy and enhanced by generative AI, the iClicker AI Question Creator enables instructors to effortlessly craft and deploy unique questions that facilitate an  interactive and engaged classroom experience. Tailored to fit any discipline or topic, the question creator allows educators to specify the desired level of rigor, course level, and learning taxonomy, ensuring the questions align with their teaching goals. 

“The AI Question Creator paves the way for a more dynamic, adaptive, and interactive learning environment. The tool’s intelligent design saves instructors time, allowing them to spend it where it’s most important, which is engaging with their students," said Steven Ray, VP, Enterprise Solutions for Macmillan Learning.

The questions can be used for iClicker polls, quizzes, and assignments and can be deployed to students in seconds. Importantly, the questions are unique and not easily searchable online, which provides a more authentic assessment of students’ true understanding of the course material. iClicker's real-time display of the instructor-generated questions allows for immediate student engagement, fostering an environment that supports more effective learning. 

The AI Question Creator will allow 5,000 instructors to each generate up to 50 unique questions in just minutes during the beta period. Instructors can sign up for the beta using their existing iClicker account; those that are new to iClicker should first create an account here. The beta is scheduled to last through May, with the commercial launch expected this Fall.

Key Features and Benefits:

Some of the many features and benefits of the question generator include:

Effortless Question Creation: Instructors can input discipline, topic, question type, and other settings to generate up to 50 unique questions. They can then immediately use the new questions, navigating between the slides and whether they’d like to show or hide the answers to students.

Real-Time Adaptability: Instructors are better able to meet students where they are, adapting instantly to areas of struggle and engaging them in unexpected ways.

Enhanced Academic Integrity: The tool's ability to create instant, unique questions provides greater assurance of academic honesty.

“After teaching introductory biology for 12 years, I find it harder and harder to come up with novel quiz questions. Using the AI Question Creator allowed me to easily generate personalized questions that varied on topic, content, scenario, and Bloom’s level, all with an easy-to-use drop-down-box and text entry interface,” said Justin Shaffer, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and a Teaching Professor at the Colorado School of Mines.

iClicker was developed by a team of physicists and educational researchers out of the University of Illinois. It is the most widely used student response system in higher education with more than 7,000 active instructors engaging more than 1.3 million students each year. It creates a user-friendly and immersive active learning environment before, during, and after class by fostering active learning. It works by creating opportunities for quizzing, group collaboration, and polling. Students can answer anonymously how confident they are in the day’s learning, and instructors have real-time insights about students’ comprehension.

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