Macmillan Learning Acquires Full Rights to Three Biology Titles

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New York, December 9, 2020 -- Macmillan Learning, a privately-held, family-owned education publishing and technology company, announced the acquisition of three biology titles it previously had co-published with Oxford University Press (OUP): Life: The Science of Biology, Principles of Life, and A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology. The move affirms the company’s ongoing commitment to investing in educational content. Going forward, Macmillan Learning will handle all aspects of publication, including content development, marketing, sales, and customer service. 

The three titles have previously been co-published by Macmillan Learning imprint W. H. Freeman along with Sinauer Associates, which became an OUP imprint in 2017. They round out the company’s portfolio of introductory biology titles, including the best-selling Biology: How Life Works. The acquisition offers customers a more unified experience as all of these franchises grow and change with new discoveries in the life sciences. 

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Macmillan Learning has long been investing in scientific education titles that were written to pique students' curiosity. The Life franchise is among the best-selling biology titles we published, reaching well over a million students, and we’re excited to continue investing in it,” said Daryl Fox, Senior Vice President, STEM.

David Clark, Managing Director of OUP’s Academic Division, said: “At OUP we have been honored to partner with the highly respected authors of Life: The Science of Biology, Principles of Life and A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology to create course materials that have left an indelible impression on thousands of biology students. I feel confident that, with this agreement, they are positioned for sustained impact and success in the future.”

The 12th edition of Life: The Science of Biology was published in 2020 and authored by a team of distinguished authors from prominent institutions including, among others, Stanford, University of Texas, and Oberlin. They include: David M. Hillis; Craig H. Heller; Sally D. Hacker; David W. Hall; Marta J. Laskowski; and David E. Sadava. The third edition of Principles of Life was published in 2019 and authored by David M. Hillis; Mary V. Price; Richard W. Hill; David W. Hall; Marta J. Laskowski. 

A new edition of A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology written by Karen Knisely of Bucknell University will be published in 2021, reflecting the company’s ongoing investment in developing students’ communication skills across disciplines. 

The titles are currently available on the Macmillan Learning student store.

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