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Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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As a community manager, it is so exciting to see people in the community engaging and interacting with each other! I love connecting with all of you and seeing your face on your avatar and profile pictures. Keep it up!

Over the past three months, a few questions have come up and I’d like to address them here.  

  • How do I manage my email preferences?
    • In the community, you may have noticed that when you turn “On” email updates for a stream or your Inbox, you will receive an email every time that stream or Inbox is updated. Since this can get overwhelming quickly, I would recommend saying “Yes” to receiving emails, but turning “Off” notifications that will alert you with everything in your inbox. The only exception I would make is to turn "On" direct social actions. You do not want to miss those!  Learn more about managing your inbox by reading this FAQ question.

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  • How can I join a group?
    • The best way to stay in the loop and involved in the community is to join a group. There are four types of groups: open, members only, private or secret. You can browse through and see what kind of group you would like to join by clicking your avatar, and then click on "Your Places". From there, you can select "All" in the left panel and use the filtering options to find groups that interest you. You can learn more about how to join a group here.


  • How do I follow someone or something?
    • There are a few ways to follow a piece of content, a person, or a place in the community. I will reveal the easiest way: on any stream you’re looking at, simply hover your mouse over a person’s name or avatar and click "Follow". There are a few other ways to do this if you are still wondering, How do I follow someone?


If you have any questions of your own, feel free to ask them in Get Help. We hope you are having fun learning more about the community. Please send us your feedback!

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