Hacker, Lunsford, Rampolla, Berger named by TIME as most-read female writers

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Time Magazine recognized Bedford/St. Martin's authors Diana Hacker, Andrea Lunsford,  and Mary Lynn Rampolla, and  Worth author aKathleen Berger among the most-read female authors on college campuses today. The analysis came from 1.1 million syllabi collected in the Open Syllabus Project. The majority of the syllabi come from US campuses, but nearly 30% come from Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Diana Hacker was honored as the second most widely read female author noting her collection of handbooks have been assigned in close to 4000 classrooms over the past 15 years. Hacker ranks higher than Virginia Woolf, Jane Austin, Toni Morrison, and JK Rowling.

Mary Lynn Rampolla ranks in 45th place with her book, A POCKET GUIDE TO WRITING HISTORY, followed by Andrea Lunsford in 62nd place based on use of EVERYDAY WRITER. Kathleen Stassen Berger ranked in 91st place with THE DEVELOPING PERSON series in Psychology. Rampolla was assigned in 688 classes, Lunsford in 529 classes, and Berger in 364 classes according to the TIME rankings.

It is a fascinating view into assigned reading material in college classrooms today. More importantly, it is a wonderful testament to these authors and the work they do to support instruction of college students every day. They are improving lives through learning!

Congratulations to our wonderful authors and all of the members of the fantastic teams at Bedford/St. Martin's  and Worth Publishers that support them.

To see the full list, click here: College Textbooks: 100 Most-Read Female Writers on Campus

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