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"Our business is learning. Our business is speeding the path of the student to their topic, and helping a professor achieve and drive learning in his/her classroom more easily, more efficiently, and more engagingly," said Chief Administrative Officer Allison Rutledge-Parisi in our introduction to Macmillan Learning video.

Across each team at Macmillan Learning, each team, each employee is focused on supporting learning. Every day, our Publishers' Representatives travel to campuses and schools to meet with educators about their courses, challenges, and teaching and learning goals.

In this Employee Spotlight, we feature one of these fantastic Publishers' Representatives who spend each day listening, learning, and working to offer solutions so that we can continue our work of improving lives through learning.

So, get to know us - and the amazing people who make up Macmillan Learning!

Meet Jeff Skillman, Senior Publishers' Representative.


Jeff Skillman

Senior Publishers’ Representative

I work on… the Macmillan Learning sales team as a generalist representative covering the entire list and full suite of learning software.

The thing I like best about my current role is… the problem-solving aspect. I love walking into a professor’s office and helping them solve a problem they didn’t even know they had by switching over to one of our books or online learning platforms.

My role contributes to learning and education by… finding a need and filling it—meaning, I consult with professors in order to connect them with the appropriate learning solutions that effectively impact and enhance the learning and performance of their students.

I am most excited about the future because… our technologies will continue to improve and the level of service and types of solutions we can provide professors will only get more targeted and effective. A natural byproduct of that will be better student experiences.

When I am not working, I am… probably watching a Royals game (on TV or in person) or visiting and trying a new craft brewery.

One little known fact about me is… I once held a Top Secret clearance for a summer internship with the FBI back in college.

The coolest thing I have seen recently is… 1A) The Royals winning their first World Series in my lifetime and 2B) seeing my first Royals Spring Training game down in Arizona.

If a friend asked, I would tell them to join Macmillan Learning because of the… culture. The people I work with make this company such a great place to work. It takes a village to do this job effectively; and, we’ve got a pretty great village here at Macmillan Learning.

Jeff Skillman