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"The exciting thing about education is that you change lives with it. People's lives change as a result of what we do, what instructors do, what happens in the classroom and beyond," said Managing Director Susan Winslow‌ in our introduction to Macmillan Learning video.


Across our teams at Macmillan Learning, each employee is focused on supporting learning. Every day, our Marketing colleagues communicate about the content, tools, and services that we offer educators across the country. They work with instructors to find solutions to meet their learning objectives and train them on the most effective ways to use them.

In this Employee Spotlight, we feature one of these fantastic Marketing Managers who spend every day learning from our authors so that they can better support educators with the solutions that improve lives through learning.


Time to get to know us - and the amazing people who make up Macmillan Learning!


Meet Emily Rowin, Marketing Manager.


Emily Rowin

Marketing Manager

I work on… our market-leading English list, with a focus on our digital and print handbooks and rhetorics.

The thing I like best about my current role is… working with our sales team and talking to educators from different campuses across the country.

My role contributes to learning and education by… providing content expertise to educators. Every day, I consult with professors to learn their goals and what they hope to achieve in their course. We discuss teaching challenges, the current needs of their department, and ultimately, how all of it will impact student learning.

I am most excited about the future because… no matter what meeting I have on my calendar, I can count on the fact that my colleague will be making (and bringing) cookies. :smileylaugh:

When I am not working, I am… taking my dog Opey Bear on a run.

One little known fact about me is… If I told that to you, it wouldn't be a little known fact.

The coolest thing I have seen recently is… a monk that had no choice but travel through TSA pre-check (because getting through security wearing a robe secured by a wooden belt would be a little bit difficult).

If a friend asked, I would tell them to join Macmillan Learning because of the… people.