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Before I began my summer internship at Macmillan Learning, I had never even been in a corporate office, let alone worked for one. I knew there would be some challenges to the new lifestyle, and I was right. Working in the corporate world is certainly no easy task, and it has the potential to cause tremendous strain on our lifestyles. After a long day of meetings and spreadsheets, sometimes a night on the couch seems like the only relief. However, more often than not, spending prolonged time on the couch causes us more harm than good. With the obesity rate in America continuing to rise, it’s very important to instill a healthy lifestyle alongside your professional life. Although this may seem like a daunting task, it is actually much easier than you might think. Below are some healthy lifestyle tips I use in my own life, and they work wonderfully with my busy intern/college student lifestyle!


1. Pack your lunch

I know we all live busy lives, but spending 10 minutes packing a lunch can make life a whole lot easier, and save you money. In addition, you have control over what you eat the next day (for the most part) and can plan accordingly.

2. Avoid coffee

We all love caffeine, but our double shot no foam extra caramel lattes are not helping our healthy lifestyles at all. If you absolutely need coffee, try it black. And if you can live without it, try some natural green tea in the morning. Also, a big glass of water first thing in the morning will give you tons of energy.

3. Healthy snacks

There are countless healthy snacks that are easy to pack for work. Pinterest has plenty of ideas, that’s where I get most of mine. My top choice is lightly salted cashews, I carry them everywhere! High in protein and low in calories, they satisfy cravings without making you feel too full.


Drink it constantly! Having a water bottle at your desk and/or in your work bag will help you drink more water than limiting yourself to a glass at meal times. Most of the time we’re not even hungry, we’re actually thirsty. And if plain water sounds boring to you, add some fruit and infuse the water. It’s healthy and tasty.

5. NO pop

Not only is it high in calories and sugar (even diet pop), it’s absolutely full of chemicals. Water is always the way to go.


1. Gym Membership

I know this can be pricey at times, but there are countless discounted options for gym memberships. Well known gyms often have pricing specials running several times a year, especially around the holidays. Countless health sources have talked for years about the endless benefits of working out as little as three times a week, which ultimately makes the price of the membership worth it. So, instead of going home to Netflix and the couch, put on some sneakers and head to the gym. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling so much more energized, and all aspects of your life will start to feel the benefits of exercise.

2. Walking

Very simple. Whether it be after work, or during lunch or an afternoon break, walking is easy and has countless health benefits. We often discount it and don’t think of it, but walking is one of the best things you can do for you body. Try and take a break every afternoon, even if it’s just 20 minutes, and walk around the block. You'll come back to your desk feeling much more energized and relaxed, and your body will love it too.

3. Desk exercises

Yes, there is such a thing! Pinterest has countless boards of desk exercises, and many of them only take a few minutes to complete. So on your next computer break, take a minute to do some stretches.

4. Medicine Ball chairs

These can be a little pricey, but a very good investment. Medicine ball chairs allow us to constantly engage core muscles, which can help with posture and back pain.

5. Standing Desks

Standing desks help to alleviate back pain that comes from sitting down all day. They also help us use more energy and burn calories by always being on our feet. Don’t worry, you can lower most of them to seated level at times too.

6. FitBit Challenges

Looking for a good way to instill some competition among department members and the company overall? FitBit challenges are a fun and competitive way to make sure everyone gets their daily dose of exercise!


1. Meditation / Yoga

Whether you wake up early and do some light mediation before work, attend a yoga class after work, or do some bedtime yoga and stretching in the evening, the physical and mental benefits of yoga and meditation are incredible. Most cities have free, outdoor classes during the summer - check out the offerings near you!

2. Music

Listening to relaxing music can really help relieve stress and anxiety, especially at work. I listen to classical and relaxation music almost every day at my desk, especially when I have a lot of work to do. Alleviating stress is a crucial part of good mental health.

3. Read a book

Reading a book at the end of the night instead of watching television offers countless health benefits, and can help to alleviate stress and contribute to a good night’s sleep.

How are you staying healthy? Share your tips in the comment section below!

About the Author
Paige Clayton is a rising sophomore at Ohio University in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She is working for Macmillan Learning as a summer intern in the Communications Department. Paige is very passionate about writing, education, traveling, and changing the world for the better in whatever ways she can.