BFW High School Publishers Continues Investment in AP Courses with Two New Titles

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Top publisher for learning materials for Advanced Placement courses offers titles for 15 subjects to support student learning

New York, February 9, 2021 -- Bedford, Freeman & Worth High School Publishers announced the publication of two new Advanced Placement (AP) textbooks: American Literature and Rhetoric and Human Geography for the AP® Course. The two new titles reflect the company’s commitment to continually invest in new and compelling learning materials to help foster high school students’ college readiness. They are available in both digital and print versions.

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Through the College Board’s AP program, students take college-level courses in high school and, depending on their AP exam scores and the college they attend, may receive college credit. According to the College Board, more than 535k students took AP courses for English Language and Composition, nearly 350k took Literature, and more than 218k took Human Geography.

"While classes may look different because of COVID, the need for learning materials has not changed,” said Charles Linsmeier, Senior Vice President, BFW Publishers. “We will continue investing in the creation of compelling learning materials that meet the needs of diverse populations of students taking AP courses. And that begins by partnering with teachers in the AP community to ensure that our teaching materials support the newest and the most experienced AP teachers alike.”

The first edition of American Literature and Rhetoric (ALR) can be used in high school American literature and language courses for AP or College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). The title combines reading and writing instruction to build essential skills and help students develop an appreciation and understanding of American literature. The text can be taught chronologically, thematically, or by genre and was written by AP experts Robin Aufses; Renee Shea; Katherine E. Cordes; and Lawrence Scanlon. 

The first edition of Human Geography for the AP® Course is aligned with the 2019 AP curriculum framework and includes exam practice questions at the end of every module and unit and a complete practice exam at the end of the book. More than just aligning to the test, it also helps students sharpen their critical thinking and study skills and broaden their global perspective. The book offers numerous opportunities to examine current controversies in human geography, discussion-based explorations of geographical patterns and trends, and new ways for students to practice newly developed skills.  It was written by AP experts Barbara Hildebrant; Max Lu; Kenneth Keller; and Roderick P. Neumann.

“Diversity and inclusion are intentionally and thoughtfully woven in the materials as they are being created, ensuring students of various backgrounds and levels of preparation can see themselves in their course materials, while at the same time learn about other cultures and perspectives,” added Linsmeier. For example, about half of the readings in ALR are written by women; the featured writers are also racially diverse, almost half are from underrepresented groups in literature. The new AP Human Geography title prominently highlights women’s accomplishments, contributions and perspectives; recurring features like Seeing Geography and Subject to Debate take a global approach beyond Western thinking; and a Diversity Connection feature in the Teachers Edition connects content with cultures around the world to expose students to the different ways human geography is experienced, and more.

BFW currently offers books that support AP learning for more than 15 AP courses, including Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The titles are currently available on the BFW High School Publishers catalog from Macmillan Learning.

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