What’s New In iClicker for 2024

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iClicker is undergoing thoughtful enhancements aimed at fortifying your ability to actively engage students and foster stronger connections. Here's a glimpse of what awaits users in 2024, including additional features that are available right now!



Currently in a private beta, Events will allow presenters to employ the learning science-backed iClicker features they know and love outside of the classroom. Event participants will not need an iClicker account and can join the session using a QR code in a matter of seconds!

If you are interested in joining this private beta during its trial period, please reach out to your sales representative to learn more!

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Text Recognition

To better support students using screen reader assistive technology, iClicker uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically extract text in question images. The extracted text is available to screen readers both during live polling and after class for review. Text recognition is now available in iClicker upon request! Please contact your sales representative to learn more.

To learn more about our commitment to accessibility, please visit our web page for more information.


Confidence Mode



Are students answering confidently or are they taking an educated guess?

iClicker Cloud's Confidence Mode feature encourages students to reflect on their in-class responses and provides instructors with instantaneous insight into student comprehension. You can find confidence mode in the polling tab of your software under the “more” option. 




aly_delvalle_2-1702670179076.pngiClicker Groups offers a new way to engage with students and allow every voice to be heard. Members of each group are encouraged to collaborate, exchange ideas, and work as a team to reach a consensus conclusion when answering classroom polling questions. 

Once you set up designated groups on the instructor iClicker Cloud website, you may then utilize and rearrange students as you see fit throughout the term.