Tips & Tricks: Lightning-Fast Student Onboarding with iClicker Quick Join

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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The faster you can onboard your students, the sooner you can make your classroom an active learning classroom. Check out how you can use Quick Join to get students up and running with iClicker in about a minute. Once your students are up and running, explore some easy activity ideas for your first iClicker sessions!

You can quickly onboard your students in your iClicker class in three easy steps. First, create your iClicker course, then click on the Settings area of the course. There, you’ll find your Quick Join code. Share this Quick Join code with your students and they will take the process over from there! Once students log into iClicker, your course will be automatically added to their iClicker account and they will be ready to answer your iClicker questions!

Once you have your students ready to go, it can be nice to ask a few questions to help students build confidence with this new tool. We have lots of different activities you can try with your students no matter what discipline you may be teaching. You can welcome students to class with an entrance tickets or try one of our trivia decks to help build your classroom community.