RELEASE | iClicker Spring 2019

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Macmillan Employee
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All Your Tools In One Place, More Time For Teaching

Starting a class session and running activities using iClicker is now quicker, easier, and more intuitive.

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New Instructor Experience for iClicker Cloud





"What’s New in iClicker Cloud 5.0?"

Engage your students using the desktop software for in-class activities.

"The iClicker Cloud desktop software is your hub for in-class activities. Polling, quizzing, and attendance are streamlined into one, simplified toolbar. The desktop software contains all the you need to see your attendees, view participation, and grade your questions during class."

Sign-in to the instructor website to access course data, anytime, anywhere.

"Tasks commonly completed outside of class, such as roster management and grading past sessions, are now exclusively available at the instructor website. Links to these features are available within the desktop software."



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Download the new iClicker Cloud 5.0

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Note: Students using iClicker Reef on a mobile device should update to the most recent version of the app for the best experience. Students using iPhones are strongly encouraged to update to version 5.2.3 of iClicker Reef (released Feb 28).


iClicker Cloud 5.0 is a new, separate version of the desktop software. All users will need to download the Full version of 5.0 (even if you have already installed iClicker Cloud 4.6 or the Beta version of 5.0).


iClicker Cloud 5.0 is a required update for Fall 2019 courses. You’ll have until mid-August to make the switch, so you can continue using your current version of iClicker Cloud (4.6) for your summer courses.