Laura Arcari & Michelle Clark of Macmillan's Editorial Team sponsors BLACC extern, Ayanna Williams

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Sponsor Name: Laura Arcari & Michelle Clark
Department: Editorial
Project: Quantitative Market Research


What are you most excited to learn or experience during the externship?

We are interested in sponsoring an extern because it is vitally important for us to connect with individuals who represent the diverse identities of the student audience who use our textbooks; in order to scout for the talent we might later be able to hire full-time; and most importantly, as a way to provide skills, training, and exposure to a young person considering a publishing career. Hiring an extern who works remotely is important to us, as the scenario might draw a more inclusive pool of candidates who may not live in expensive cities such as Boston and NY. Finally, hiring an extern for projects in composition, one of Macmillan Learning’s major profit centers, is a sensible move that aligns with our company ethos.

To learn more about Ayanna Williams the Enterprise Editorial team’s extern, click here.