Kate Nurre, Executive Marketing Manager of Humanities & Social Sciences sponsors BLACC extern, Thais

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Sponsor Name: Kate Nurre
Department: Marketing
Project:  Event Planning & Qualitative Market Research

What are you most excited to learn or experience during the externship?
I am very interested in supporting Macmillan's efforts to attract a diverse employee base. I was an early member of the D&I committee.  I have a passion and personal experience advocating for people with disabilities, but I am delighted to support efforts to support all diversity! I like the recent Macmillan Learning statement that we want our learning materials to reflect the students who use them. It will be an excellent opportunity for me, as well, to work with a young person from the BIPOC community.  Additionally, I have always enjoyed mentoring the young assistants on my team. Over my 18-ish years in marketing, almost all of my assistants have been promoted within Macmillan Learning.

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